Our Mission

The Blue Ribbon Run is honored to accept donations In Bland Gillikin's honor. The Blue Ribbon Run recently became a registered 501c3 charitable organization. Prior, the Blue Ribbon Run operated as an affiliate of Susie's Cause, The National Colon Cancer Foundation. The official name is "The Julie M. Brown and Christina Gianoplus Colon Cancer Foundation". The organization sponsors a bi-annual luncheon and our annual Blue Ribbon Run each March. This coming March will be the 8th Annual Blue Ribbon Run.

Through the years, close to $200,000 has been contributed to events that have raised awareness of colorectal cancer through promotion of screening for early detection as well as prevention. Money has been contributed through Susie's Cause to Johns Hopkins Cancer Center where research for a cure through immunotherapy and other treatments is occurring. The foundation will continue to support research at Hopkins, but will primarily support research in North Carolina. The Blue Ribbon Run is proud to have an endowment that has been established at UNC Lineberger Cancer Center that is currently funded at $50,000. This endowment is now giving back to research and will continue to grow each year through Blue Ribbon Run's fundraising and donations. With the formation of their own charitable organization, the Blue Ribbon Run is now able to make financial contributions to families dealing directly with colon cancer as well as continue supporting research for a cure.

A cure is past due, but until we have it in hand, we must continue to fight with early detection and prevention. A new website will be up for the organization before the fall of 2018. Along with the above purposes, the organization also provides a needed outlet for many family members and friends who have dealt with or are dealing with colorectal cancer.

The Blue Ribbon Run came to fruition after the deaths of Julie M. Brown and Christina Gianoplus just a few months a part, both age 41. At the time, Wilmington had no outlets or fundraising events for families that were fighting colon cancer or needed an outlet for grief. The Blue Ribbon Run has filled this void along with funding research, promoting awareness and prevention of colon cancer. If you would like to contribute in Bland's honor please mail checks or leave them today.

Make Checks Payable to:
The Blue Ribbon Run
c/o: Susan Adams
PO Box 4611 Wilmington, NC 28403